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Washroom Maintenance

Air Freshner for Washroom Maintenance Washroom Maintenance 
Air Freshener and Purifier 

Our Air Freshener dispenser creates a clean, fresh environment with a consistent level of fragrance. Choices include citrus, cucumber melon, blue splash, and mango blossom.

Hydrogen technology forces a precise amount of fragrance, which natural airflow distributes throughout the room.

The air freshener is quiet in operation with no moving mechanisms or potential failures in operation. No batteries are required and one dispenser can cover up to 6,000 square feet. This product is ideal for washroom locations in shopping malls, corporate building offices, and schools.

Container colours are available in grey, black, and white.  

Air Freshener Refills

The Air Freshener Refills have contemporary scents that contain only pure fragrances. The product contains Microtans which is a true odour neutralizer product. The fragrance intensity ranges from light to intense with Mango Blossom on the faint side to citrus, which is more intensified.  


Odormite Urinal Tablets - Eco-friendly, Safe, Powerful, Low Cost!

Odormite Urinal Tablets are not made with less filler, stamped into a more compact tablet. Natural ingredients ensure that this product is safe and has been improved for the environment. The Enzyme Formula eliminates urinal odours by chemically changing the source of the odour.  

Enzymes and helpful bacteria dissolve the urinal stone and organize buildup that cause hard-to-handle problems in the future from occurring. The Tablet dissolves slowly during routine flushing. During the first week of use, one tablet per urinal should be used on a continual basis and be replaced when needed. Each tablet dissolves on average within 48 hours. 


Composter Formula, Outhouse Formula, Industrial Digester Powder, Septic Tank Maintenance 

Odormute is a blend of natural and synthetic enzymes that prove rapid and long land odour control. This highly concentrated enzyme formula is designed to eliminate odours in a variety of situations and for a variety of purposes. 

Odormute Composter Formula is a blend of helpful bacteria and organize enzymes found in nature. This product allows for a pure, rich compost to develop. All organize waste such as leaves, grass clippings, kitchen leftovers, damaged fruits and vegetables make rich compost. This product is suitable for individual home use or community areas. Additional products include an Outhouse Formula which is designed to eliminate odours in outhouses and campground facilities. Odormute Breakdown Industrial Digester Powder is also useful for keeping drain lines open and free flowing. It works well to breakdown proteins, liquefy start, split fat and and grease particles, as well as digest finer and converts solids to liquids. Odormute Septic Tank Maintenance is also a powerful product to regularly liquefy waste and keep septic tanks and leach beds working properly. 



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